Solar Powered Air-Conditioners

Split system air-conditioners powered directly by the Australian sun

As part of RM Solar & Electrical’s commitment to providing sustainable green energy solutions, they have become the preferred installer for SolarAir SA’s first of it’s kind in Australia Solar Powered Air-Conditioners. These Air-Conditioners get their power from the sunshine on solar panels feeding directly into the air-conditioning unit itself. An air-conditioning unit in Australia powered directly from the sun? We liked it so much we have installed one in our office. Read our blogto find out who would benefit most from these air-cons.

RM Solar & Electrical use high quality products and trusted brands. RM Solar & Electrical can also provide up to date expert advice on energy efficiency and renewables. Through the installation of energy efficient and renewable energy products in homes and businesses, clients will easily be able to realise their objective of lower energy cost.